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May We Obey

Growing up I was taught to have manners and to respect my elders. I was told to say thank you for the things I received. When I was told to do something and if I disobeyed and talked back to my parents, my father was quick to discipline me.


Jesus, My Friend

The first person on my mind when I wake and the last when I sleep, He’s Jesus, my friend.


Chosen and Appointed

We must never forget that we were chosen and appointed by Him to bear much fruit and fruit that will last. (John 15:16). It was our choice to follow. We counted the cost.


Got Character?

God is into character development. It’s so important we do not rush in and try to force things to happen. I have learned that God is more interested in developing who I am then in what I can accomplish for Him.


Joy in the Jump

All the while my Father has waited. Waited for me to trust. Waited for me to understand he will always catch me. Waited for me to realize there is joy in the jump.