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Time to be Brave

He shook his head, took a deep breath, and declared “It’s time to be Brave.” And with that we cornered those plucky chickens and got them back in the coop.


Mexico, the Longest Night of My Life

It was the “turning point.” It began in 1963; the year I became a “Reject.” Rather, I joined the “Rejects of Southern California;” a car club that my best friend, Ron, invited me to join. What enticed me? Stories of drinking, carousing, sex; three activities in which I wasn’t very accomplished, unless one measures success by two arrests for alcohol-related misdemeanors, and nearly being lost in the abandoned mines of Calico on a car club outing. That day should have scared me plenty, but I hungered for more.

May We Obey

Growing up I was taught to have manners and to respect my elders. I was told to say thank you for the things I received. When I was told to do something and if I disobeyed and talked back to my parents, my father was quick to discipline me.