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The Hope of Glory

We must endure, persevere and be prepared for the times we are living in. And not allow our daydreaming to entangle us. It’s foolish to to think that an unbelieving world is going to get better. The days we are living in are filled with tension and “wars and rumors of wars” as Jesus put it in Matthew 24 and are in the “beginning of birth pangs.”


by Grace…

by Grace… Mystified, unsettled Life was becoming too hard But while this feeling nagged A hushed voice wooed “There’s a better way” The Spirit prodded Like a slap up side my head I was turned by Grace… His resplendent light Exposed the path Pried open my eyes And revealed to my spirit A haven where […]


Time to be Brave

He shook his head, took a deep breath, and declared “It’s time to be Brave.” And with that we cornered those plucky chickens and got them back in the coop.